AeCharger is a joint venture initiated by IO Technology and Bytco Technology Team, specializing in customized software development, EV charging station related products development, IoT and intelligent hardware development, energy metering and monitoring technolog, etc.

We focus on providing a full range of services and solutions. In terms of software development, we have developed and implemented customized solutions for EV charging station management and operation platforms, IoT centralized control platforms, smart park management solutions, smart site solutions, and car networking solutions. For EV charging station products, we have a full range series of AC and DC charging stations, which support Chinese national standard, European IEC standard, American SAE standard and Japanese CHAdeMo standard. We have our own independent operation and management platform to provide customers with comprehensive solutions from equipment to operation. In terms of IoT product solutions, we provide total solutions and services for smart cities, smart energy, smart street lights, smart parks, smart security, smart agriculture, smart livestock, smart transportation and other industries. The company’s core competitiveness is the ability to gain customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. We insist on creating value for our customers as the starting point and the first gist of our business activities. Achieve our corporate value while helping our customers succeed and achieve customer value.