Bytco Vehicle

Bytco Vehicle is a leading manufacturer which is specialized in Solar Electric Car, Right Hand Drive Electric Car, High Speed Electric Car, Electric Rickshaws, and Electric Disabled Car.

About Bytco

Our advantage

We are able to provide customers with new products and design that we think will sell well in their market. It’s something we do with our hearts. We hope to do something to help our customers achieve and gain a larger portion of their market.

We have advanced manufacturing facility. Every electric car is manufactured to the highest quality standards. We apply passenger vehicle process test system, such as tire durability test, life test of all electrical components, acceleration test, vehicle dynamic braking test, speedometer check, reverse test, odometer check, stationary brake test, horn sound level test and other items.

And Our competitive products benefit dozens of traders, distributors and retailers around the world. Our goal is to produce environmentally friendly, pollution-free, clean energy, low cost, cost-effective electric vehicle products. This not only protects environment for human survival, but also reduces the cost of travel.

We Have 10+ years production experience, Contact Us.