About Us


Bytco was founded in 2003. It is a diversified group which emphasizes a team concept in its operation. Each member of the team is an expert in his or her field and therefore highly valuable and an integral part of the success of the company.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality solutions and services through fair and ethical business practices. We exist to provide the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, employees and their families. We seek to be an indispensable resource to our clients by delivering unbeatable value, the most favorable combination of superior service, excellent quality and competitive pricing.

We make available our expertise in the fields of turnkey projects, graphics design, printing, supply chain management, logistics and sales to our clients with the goal of improving their bottom line, in effect becoming an extension of their companies. We view ourselves as partners in our clients’ growth and success.

Our Business


Bytco Group is one of the China’s leading branded fashion footwear, umbrella, packaging, and apparel companies.

We design, develop, market and sell products under a diverse array of owned and licensed brands, such as Disney, LV, SKECHERS, Walmart, KFC, BMW and many more. Our focus is to bring these brands to new levels, expanding their category penetration and global reach.

Our innovative design capabilities, strong brand management focus, and strategic vision enable us to create new opportunities, product categories and market expansion for brands on a global scale.

Aeco-Holding, our joint venture with AecoChem, is the China’s lead chemical trading company.

Bytco Sourcing

For new importers, sourcing and importing from China can be a painful thing with too many uncertainties. Bytco sourcing is committed to helping those importers, especially e-commerce business owners.

We help our clients find the best manufactures, ensure the quality of products and arrange shipment to their doorstep, making the whole sourcing process a lot more easier and safer.

We provide more options of product customization and packaging customization and more logistic solutions for shipments in smaller quantity.We also implent stricter standards on employee recruting and traning to maintain professionalism.

We have a 2,000-square-meter self-owned warehouse with full-time workers, enabling us to provide product packing and quality inspection services, which most of the other agencies are not able to provide, before our client’s cargo being shipped out of China.

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